General designer and total contractor for building technologies and data centers and commissioning

Alle Kompetenzen für integrale Gebäude- und Data Center Infrastrukturen vereint bei Genuel

Genuel supports you as a general designer, we are acting as a total or general contractor in dedicated projects for building technologies (HVAC, instrumentation and control engineering, ICT, Security) as well as data centers, and we offer qualified and comprehensive designing and engineering services including BIM (Building Information Modeling). The trusting representation of principals, the interdisciplinary consulting as well as body & brain sourcing are also part of the large-scale range of services of Genuel.

We warrant our independency of suppliers, and we are focusing on the needs of our customers.


Elektro HLKS Gebäudeautomation Data Center Rechenzenter Rechenzentrum Energieoptimierung Energiespeicher

Building Automation
Data Center
Energy optimization
Energy storage



Generalplanung Totalunternehmung Generalunternehmung Planung/Engineering Bauherrenunterstützung Consulting/Studien Body & Brain Sourcing


General design
Total contractor
General contractor
Support for principles
Body & brain sourcing


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Genuel Ltd.


Zurich:    044 396 36 60

Lucerne: 041 429 11 50

Lugano:  091 973 30 68