Our services


We support institutional builders, general contractors and datacenter operators in new and expansion projects with quality oriented processes to ensure the implementation of user requirements. The process focusses on the verification and documentation of all systems that are planned, installed, tested, operated and maintained with the aim of meeting the project requirements of the owner/operator.


The process is structured in 7 stages:


Level 0: Planning and Design verification

Level 1: Factory tests

Level 2: Installation inspections

Level 3: Commissioning

Level 4: Functional tests

Level 5: Integrated tests

Level 6: Audit Operating Phase

General design

We assume for you integrally and as your only and competent contract partner the global responsibility for the design, and we coordinate the interfaces between the different areas of expertise and trades.


Typical scope of services

  • Strategical planning (formulation of the problem and of the needs, strategies for the solution)
  • Preliminary studies (definition of the building project, feasibility studies, selection procedure)
  • Preliminary project (project organization, tasks, quality management, elaboration of concepts, cost estimate)
  • Building project (quotation with detailed descriptions)
  • Authorization procedure
  • Tendering, comparison of the offers, awarding contracts
  • Project of execution (achievement of maturity for execution)
  • Execution (specialized site supervision)
  • Realization (Planning of commissioning, participation in integral tests, planning of the acceptance, detection of defects)

Total contractor

As total contractor, we assume for our customers the global responsibility for a building, including the projecting, planning and execution of the building.


Typical scope of services

  • Design and coordination of the strategy, general design, projecting up to the achievement of the building or of the installation
  • Cost security during the process of design and construction
  • Lump-sum price and assurance of all deadlines
  • Obtaining all administrative authorizations
  • Delivery of the building/installation according of the defined quality
  • Granting of warranty

General contractor

You want to concentrate on only one contact person for your whole building project? Then conclude with us a general contractor mission which ensures the turnkey realization of your building, taking into account costs, deadlines and quality.


Typical scope of services

  • Coordination, realization and achievement of the building - of the installation
  • Lump-sum price corresponding to the agreed services
  • Delivery within the deadline according to the defined quality
  • Granting of warranty


We will clarify preliminarily - independently of the size of the project and the specialty, within our core competencies - the frame of the project as well as the economic marginal conditions, and from the beginning we will ensure the correct dimensioning of your building or of your installation. The different specialties include electrics, heating/ cooling, ventilation/ air conditioning, sanitary, electric/ mechanical installations, fire safety as well as security, ICT and data center infrastructures.


Typical scope of services

  • The services are provided independently of contractors, suppliers and systems
  • Supply of expertise, creativity, innovation and experience in the fields of mechanics, electromechanics, building installations, ICT, building automation, security technology, lighting etc.
  • Design according to the targets, projecting, supervision of works
  • General direction, coordination and consulting for the principal
  • BIM services: Support in BIM projects in all stages, from the design to the operation of the building. BIM-based treatment of the whole project within the project team, specialized 3D coordination engineering, integration and direction of integrated project room platforms, supply of the models in the cloud-based system environment, adaptation of neutral data models with real data for the facility management, transfer of existing areas, objects and installations into a BIM model
  • Specifically for data center missions, usual fields of advice are also: Strategy consulting, feasibility studies, site evaluation, certifications, evaluation of data center locations/areas in case of outsourcing, technical and risk assessments, go-to-market consulting, optimization of the cost and energy efficiency, data center infrastructure management (DCIM), facility management

Support for the principal

We assure the operational relief and we support you with the project management, we advise you technically and with regard to methods, and we defend your interests. For the role of a representative of the principal, beside technical expertise the human factor is essential. Here we support you with approved professionals in stakeholder management, guidance, teamwork, intercultural collaboration, project communication and conflict management.


Typical scope of services

  • Support for the formulation of the targets of the project
  • Assurance of measures for realizing the project targets (deadlines, costs, quality)
  • Project management for principals including relief for total and general contractors
  • Project-related quality management
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Risk analyses
  • Technical due diligence
  • Second opinion
  • Verifications of contracts (Sales, total contractor, general contractor, designer, supplier contracts)
  • Compilation of tender documents, specifications, description of services, plans


With more than 500 employees in the group, we dispose of one of the biggest knowhow pools in our sector. This wide and sound knowledge is used by our customers for services of consulting, implementation and integration, when we are elaborating processes and solutions with them, also after the realization period. We are writing studies for companies and private or public organizations and associations, or we support them with their campaign management. We guarantee independence of third parties, we are acting in an objective way, taking into account all opportunities and risks, we are advising only in domains with proven expertise and keep absolute confidentiality.


Typical scope of services

  • Opinion and expert consulting
  • Externalization/outsourcing
  • Cost and energy optimization
  • Security consulting
  • Optimization of procurement
  • Analysis of situations and formulation of targets, development and presentation of concepts
  • Coaching for implementations & controlling
  • Writing studies
  • Management and performance of campaigns

Body & brain sourcing

We are supporting you within our expertise with the specialists you currently need. Whatever may be the reasons: a project stage which is critical for the success, a lack of experience or of resources or an urgently needed BIM coordinator - we provide our core competencies, our ideas and our approaches for solutions according to the task and the desire, and we assure that also the human aspect is taken into account. 


Typical scope of services

  • Coverage of missing technical or capacity resources
  • Temporary operation of our staff within your project/ company