Our expertise


Elektro Engineering GEE Elektroplanung USV Licht Zuko Diesel AC DC Gleichstrom Niederspannung Mittelspannung Hochspannung BIM Brandschutz Elektroengineering Gebäude-Elektroengineering Elektro-Engineering Notstrom Transformator Sicherheitsanlagen

We are designing, optimizing and realizing for our customers and partners electrical installations and solutions for building technologies with long-sighted and thorough planning. New constructions, renovation or conversion projects - expertise, flexibility and long-standing experience combined with an integral approach are the base of our business relations, with a staff which is familiar with the latest technologies.

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sanitary (HVAC)

HLKS Heizung Lüftung Klima Kälte Wärmetauscher Sanitär Gebäudetechnik WKK BIM Seewasser Energiekonzept Energiezentrale Fernwärme Wärmepumpe Wärmekraftkopplung Reinraum Labor Sprinkler Wasseraufbereitung Dampfsysteme Heisswasser Wärme

Our interdisciplinary experience helps our customers and partners during the whole planning and life-cycle processes to keep under permanent control the integrated building technology. We ensure optimized efficiency of resources in the cooling technology, and we support you for example for the selection of future-oriented refrigerants. We are dimensioning your system with view to appropriateness, advantages and economic efficiency, and we optimize energy consumption, heat generation and distribution as well as potentials of thermal recovery.

Building Automation

Building Automation Gebäudetechnik GA Gebäudeautomation MSRL Messen Regeln Steuern Leiten Leitsystem Bussystem BACnet KNX digital Strom smart building smart factory Industrie 4.0 SPS Visualisierung Prozessleitsystem Feldgeräte

Our experts will ensure for you the engineering of your building management according to your needs, and by intelligent controls and harmonizing components of the building technology they will assure the comfortable, modern, innovative and energy-saving operation of your building.

Data Center, Supercomputing Center

Data Center Datacenter Rechenzenter Rechenzentrum ICT Architektur DCIM Datacenter Infrastruktur Infrastructure Managment PDU USV UPS Cabling Kühlung Doppelboden Inrow Netzwerk Fibre Optic rack Schrank 19" Flexsolution FEM Brandschutz BFE RAS NSHV NEA Zuko

Are you operating a data center or a server room, are you acting as an architect, value-added integrator for IT, electric, HVAC or sanitary infrastructures, or do you need for you or for your customer selective support?Strategic planning (construction, outsourcing, go-to-market, certifications), preliminary studies incl. feasibility studies, design, projecting, tendering, realization with commissioning and assurance of operation with high availability are part of our core competencies. We are supporting you as total contractor, general contractor, general designer as well as representative of the principal, we are writing studies for you, or we transfer to our staff short-, medium- or long-term engineering missions within the scope of your projects.

Energy optimization

Energie 2025 2050 Energiestrategie Stromeinkauf KEV Smart Meter Smart Grid Betriebsoptimierung Solar Panel Alternative Energien

The sensitivity for ecologic and economic energy management is steadily increasing. We are considering the energy optimization of infrastructures as a continuous process, in order to employ resources in a responsible way and for reducing energy consumption. Our company is identifying energy flows by the means of automation technologies, evaluating potential energy hotspots which may be optimized by appropriate measures. This in different domains such as building infrastructures, production processes, compressed air systems and cooling installations or production machines - we are ensuring the sustainable energy efficiency for your company.

Energy storage

Elektromobil Wasserstoff Batterie Akku Akkumulator PV Battery Alternative Energien USV Energiespeicher Kraftwerke

Our company is planning and realizing energy storage solutions for clients for several decades - in the majority in the field of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In order to anticipate the current changes on the energy markets, innovative ICT as well as energy storage solutions are needed in order to operate with success future virtual power plants. It is our aim to monitor for our customers continuously the economic efficiency and the appropriateness of these decentralized storage units. We are realizing feasibility studies and pilot projects, and we remain in continuous contact with suppliers, manufacturers and authorities in order to be for you close to the pulse of technology.