Our specialities

Commissioning & Acceptance

Construction-related quality and commissioning management for real estate and data center


We support builders, general and total contractors in new and expansion projects with quality-oriented and independent commissioning processes to ensure the implementation of user requirements.

The service focuses on the review and documentation of all commissioned systems that are planned, installed, tested, operated and maintained. This ensures that the owner's / operator's project and audit requirements are met to the highest standard.

Commissioning begins with the design and includes planning, construction, commissioning, acceptance and training. It is used throughout the life of a building.

Genuel's accompanying quality and commissioning management is based on digital technology and ensures a professional, collaborative and highly transparent approach for the customer.

Project-related quality management

With the project-related quality management we are supporting the participants of projects for providing high quality performances. We are supporting you for the assurance of the target achievement and the quality in all project stages, we assign tasks and responsibilities in a clear manner, and we detect early risks, but also opportunities.

Data Center, Supercomputing Center, Server rooms

Data centers are integral part of our information society. The current development towards the industry 4.0 increases additionally the need for safe and available data centers. We assure the increasing requirements on the constructive and technical infrastructure with the standard EN 50600. The EN 50600 includes concept, building construction, power supply, regulation of the environment conditions, infrastructure of the telecommunication wiring, securing systems, management and operation, KPI.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling BIM

The planning method BIM (Building information modeling) opens new dimensions for design, realization and operation of buildings. Besides the virtual creation of a building model, the information management is in the focus of the method. A systematic digital capture of all relevant building data permits that they may be reused in combined and networked form. The creation and the use of an intelligent 3D model permits the decision-making and easy communication during the design process. By the application of BIM we are modeling electrotechnical installations, appliances and installations with the desired depth, and we make the information available to the project team. The model is supporting all design stages of the engineering and by this ensures a high quality of interdisciplinary coordination from the tendering until the realization. By consequence, BIM permits high quality, cost security and the efficient and optimized realization of the construction works.